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The Devan Kline Show

May 22, 2020

Get to know Devan and Morgan Kline in Ask The Klines. Ask The Klines is recorded LIVE in the Burn Boot Camp studio on a weekly basis.

The powerhouse couple takes on questions from the audience, they chat about hot topics, and partake in some fun games! Today, we are diving into a question and answer session sharing our answers to the questions below: 

  • What did we Morgan and I want to do when you grew up?
  • What type of food don't Morgan and I like? 
  • What are some challenges the next generation will face and how do we plan to combat that for our kiddos?
  • How many days a week should I be working out?
  • What are the three habits that will improve your life?
  • Our most embarrassing camp story 
  • Who would play us in a movie?
  • What childish things we still do as adults...and so much more! 

Thanks for tuning in. Be sure to head over to my Instagram page for more fitness inspiration and fun! You can find me @devan.kline!