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The Devan Kline Show

Jul 17, 2020

Join Devan and Morgan Kline for an episode of Ask The Klines. Today they are chatting about how they've navigated the craziness of the COVID-19 pandemic, chatting about their first baby - Burn Boot Camp and then discussing their three actual babies, Cameron, Maxwell and Ryan! 


Jun 17, 2020

We are back with another episode of Ask The Klines, where Morgan and I take live questions from the social media audience! 

This is a throwback to our quarantine edition! 

Morgan starts off the episode talking about her experience with pregnancy during COVID-19. As with many things in life, Morgan talks about the fact...

May 22, 2020

Get to know Devan and Morgan Kline in Ask The Klines. Ask The Klines is recorded LIVE in the Burn Boot Camp studio on a weekly basis.

The powerhouse couple takes on questions from the audience, they chat about hot topics, and partake in some fun games! Today, we are diving into a question and answer session sharing our...