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The Devan Kline Show

Dec 9, 2019

I think it is so important to make eating healthy easy.  

When you overcomplicate nutrition, there is no way it will become a lifestyle. The reason we don’t eat healthily isn’t that we don’t know how. We all know what foods we should and shouldn’t be eating. The reason we don’t eat healthily is that it’s not the most comfortable choice. 

So how can we make eating healthier easier?  

In this episode of Next Level, I’m giving you my best five tips for simplifying nutrition and helping you develop a healthy diet you can maintain long term. 

Here is my first tip for making it easier for you to start eating healthier in your life... 

Start with one small thing you know you can do.  

Often when people want to make healthier choices, they go from 0 to 100. They either cut everything out all at once, or they cut out the one thing they love most. 

Ive had so many clients addicted to drinking soda, and when they decide they are serious about reaching their health and fitness goals, they also decide this is the first thing they need to eliminate from their diet. But, since they are addicted, this is also the more difficult thing for them to do. 

My advice is to pick one thing you know for a fact you can hold yourself accountable for, either eliminating from your diet or adding to your diet. If cutting out soda seems way too hard to do right now, what is something that doesn’t look as hard? 

Once you chose the one habit you know you can successfully eliminate or add, and you do so for a certain period, it will create momentum for you.  You will feel proud of yourself, and it will get you excited to continue to make more changes. I like to call it the magic-of-momentum cycle. Soon, you will have the willpower and strength to do that one thing you know is the hardest.  

Love this tip? Download the full episode to hear for more tips on making healthy food choices easier in your life.  

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