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The Devan Kline Show

Jul 30, 2020

Welcome to DK's roundtable! Today we are bringing some awesome voices to the show and I can't wait for you to hear what they have to share with us! 

First off, we chat with Katina Gnidziejko from Burn Boot Camp, Prosper. Kat is the head trainer at the brand new facility down in Texas and is also the mom of 2 teen daughters. We talk about nutrition, how to navigate raising daughters in the world of "diet culture," and how we can combat the obesity epidemic that is quickly spreading in the United States. 

Next, we welcome Stephanie Drew. I've know Stephanie for many years now as she's been a part of Burn Nation from nearly the start. Stephanie Drew is the owner of Burn Boot Camp North Durham. Stephanie and I dig into business ownership and how she has turned so many of her passions and hobbies into careers. 

Finally, we welcome Meg Thibodeau, the head trainer at Burn Boot Camp South Lakeland. Her story is pretty neat as she started as a client roughly 8 months after the birth of her son. Battling postpartum depression, she found Burn to be a place that helped her rise out of that time in her life. Today, as the head trainer, she finds herself inspiring her clients to live their best lives through fitness and building a strong mental health lifestyle, too! 

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