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The Devan Kline Show

May 27, 2020

Jessica "Evil" Eye joins us today. Jessica is a professional MMA fighter and is known as one of the best strikers in professional boxing.

When you hear about Jessica in the ring, you listen to things about her having quick hands, impeccable footwork, and a diverse range of punching combos. But, after talking to her today, I came to realize she is far more than just an award-winning MMA fighter. 

Jessica is inspiring in her own right and knows a lot about believing in herself and overcoming the odds. I learned a lot from her, and I know you can too. 

Dating back to her childhood, Jessica talks about how her father was physically and emotionally abusive. At 32 years old, she's been able to grow from those experiences rather than let the negativity take over. 

Not only has she worked to overcome a tough childhood, but she's also faced pushback for being a female in the world of MMA. Her will, her determination, and luckily, some coaches who believed in her helped to make her dream a reality. 

I love how Jessica empowers women, like the women in our Burn Boot Camp gyms, to go after what they know they can do. She's pushed through self-doubt, knockouts, and rough fights to hold the title as #1 in the UFC women's flyweight rankings and #12 in UFC women's pound-for-pound rankings.

During some of Jessica's biggest failures, she has found that people see her strength the most. Her goal, aside from being a great athlete, is to inspire people to do anything that they want to do. 

Check out the full episode because Jessica has so many awesome things to share. 

  • Her childhood and growing up in Cleveland, OH
  • The trials and tribulations of Jessica's journey through UFC
  • Being the first UFC female to fight in Mexico City 
  • Losing a match because of a failed test or missing weight
  • Losing streaks and winning streaks 
  • How she's grateful for her male training partners 
  • Her relationship with her brother
  • Social media pressures 
  • Jessica's mindset
  • Building self-confidence and so much more.. 

To learn more about Jessica, head on over to You can also follow along with her journey on Instagram at @jessicaevileye

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