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The Devan Kline Show

Dec 10, 2019

Here's something most people wouldn't assume about me: I eat junk food. You might be thinking that's a strange thing for the CEO of a fitness franchise to admit, but hey, it's the truth. Today, I'm sharing why I eat junk food and why I don't plan to stop. 

For me, I've found that my pathway to health can include some indulgences. Instead of obsessing over what we're eating, we can instead become more intuitive about how we feel. Every morning take an audit of how you feel, how you look, and what your energy level. Intuitive Eating is us A / B testing every day to see what works best for our body. 

It's pretty simple: eat what you want, and if you wake up the next day and you feel worse, then adjust. But, the key is that we have to be willing to change when our body communicates back with us. 


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