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The Devan Kline Show

May 25, 2020

Please welcome Mike Hartshorne, "The Sheriff," one of the OGs of #BurnNation. Right off the bat, Mike tells us the story about his infamous nickname. 

Mike Hartshorne is the owner of Burn Boot Camp Concord, Burn Boot Camp Harrisburg and Burn Boot Camp Grand Rapids!

We talk about what our biggest challenges have been when it comes to building the Burn Boot Camp business and brand. Mike shares that his transition from the head trainer, owner, Burn Ambassador, and more to stepping back and not being able to be that main person was tough for him. But, because of that, Mike has been able to open multiple locations and help change even more lives in communities in many states. 

Mike has been around since the parking lot days, and we get to reminisce on that amazing time in the Burn Boot Camp journey. We also answer some of these questions: 

  • How to become a great Burn Boot Camp trainer
  • Mike's experience with franchising and his story
  • How to combat hunger and our tactics to mindful eating

Mike was an excellent guest to have on, and you all seemed to love him so we will be bringing him back for a round 2 hangout! 

Until then, be sure to head on over to my Instagram for more inspiration, tips and fun ways to add healthy habits to your life. You can find me at @devan.kline.

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